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Restore, protect and maintain the Portneuf Watershed, one beaver at a time

How we can help


Flexible Pond Leveler(TM)

Are beaver flooding your road?  We'll install a Flexible Pond Leveler (tm) using proven techniques, not bushwack, homespun, Rube Goldberg methods.  We can set the level so you retain the fisheries, fire suppression or swimming hole you want without killing or trapping our little furry friends.


BeaverDeceiver (TM)

Got a plugged culvert?  We can help!  We'll install a BeaverDeceiver (TM) according to industry standards that have proven themselves under some of the highest runoff events seen in 2nd order streams.  

Beaver love aspen.  But many folks will wrap the tree using a method that kills the tree.  We don't.

Tree Wrapping

Trees getting chopped?  We employ innovative and proven methods to keep beaver from gnawing your trees.  Call 208-220-3336 for a free estimate!